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Start Screen


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VRAstroSmash was originally designed for the Vive Cosmos, but it is compatible with the Oculus Quest 2, Rift -S, Vive Pro: Cosmos Elite, and Valve Index.
Hints from the Developer:
Keep your eyes on the radar. The size of the radar dots are scaled. If the large green dot is off the radar, you are getting close to the ion field, which will cost you points. If you travel too far through the ion field, you will be teleported back to the center.
When weapons get hot they refuse to fire. Turning off Target Assist will help them cool quicker. Moving forward will also help cool weapons down. If you have Target Assist off and are also moving forward, the weapons will rapidly cool.
When asteroids get small enough they will be attracted to the mass of the ship, and follow you. There will be an alert in the form of the cockpit flashing red which is a warning an asteroid is close.
The map on the left of the cockpit dashboard will show you where the asteroids are, and which ones are closing in on you.
Overdrive requires 10 points to use. If you do not have enough points, it will not activate.
This game is a sit-back-and-relax arcade style; however, as you approach 40,000 points, asteroids will spawn faster creating a more intense feel for the game.
Retro Mode gives a retro arcade feel to the game. It also shows some space junk that may otherwise be difficult to see.
Type of Asteroids: Plasma, Crystal, Iron, Rock. Every plasma asteroid destroyed will automatically improve ship movement, turning, pitch, and barrel roll. Every crystal asteroid destroyed will increase the cooling rate of the weapons. Every iron asteroid destroyed will repair ship damage. After 6 asteroids are destroyed Rapid Fire will engage. At this point, every phase will increase the fire rate of Rapid Fire.
Points are achieved by every bullet that hits an asteroid. They are also gained with every asteroid destroyed, as well as destroying space junk and the UFO. The latter items provide the highest point value. The UFO will show up when you have reached 6,000 points,  after which it will most likely appear once per game phase. Space junk will also also likely appear once per game phase.